High Quality Clinical Imaging

Established in 2004, AltaPACS implements and operates the IT systems for two of Canada’s largest radiology Partnerships: Radiology Consultants Associated (RCA) and EFW Radiology (EFW). Together, the two Partnerships complete over 700,000 multi-modality examinations per year with a network of over 20 clinics in Western Canada.

RCA and EFW provide reporting support for over 700,000 examinations for Alberta Health Services, and RCA provides teleradiology reporting support for a number of remote hospitals in Canada.

With nearly 100 radiologists interpreting in excess of 1.3M studies every year, sophisticated digital technology is required to meet the requirements of evolving patient care. AltaPACS was created by RCA and EFW to address the growing digital requirements of the radiology industry and improve the services to their referring physician community.


The core expertise of AltaPACS is innovating solutions through integration and optimized operations.

Working with vendor partners such as Nuance™, Agfa™ and Mirth Corporation™ AltaPACS has customized solutions specific for the Partnerships optimizing their clinic workflow. This provides high quality reporting tools for radiologists, and ensures the highest possible turnaround time for reports.

AltaPACS has also led the development work with Alberta Health Services in providing private community clinic reports and images real-time to the Province of Alberta’s Netcare Electronic Health Record system.


A core of dedicated technical professionals and partners provides sub-specialized skills in all technical aspects of AltaPACS solutions. From network to virtual server infrastructure, backup and recovery, integration and application support, and clinical workflow expertise the team provides the highest levels of availability and recovery for critical systems.

From the first digital image stored in 2004 to millions of images distributed today, AltaPACS has provided the innovation and support for RCA and EFW to meet their demanding business and patient care needs.