The Radiologist Next Door

AltaPACS has supported the growth of Mayfair to become one of Canada’s largest teleradiology providers, using direct integration technologies with remote hospitals.

A diagnostic study consists of patient order information, scanned documents and images that must be integrated together for a radiologist, so they can view the images in context and provide a report of their findings. The reports must then be distributed back to the source systems for distribution and viewing, in turn, by clinicians within the hospital.

AltaPACS has developed applications to receive an order from a remote hospital's Radiology Information System (RIS) electronically using HL7 messaging protocol, track each order for billing purposes, transport and view current and prior images for the order, and return dictated reports directly back into the hospital RIS. The systems operate in real time without manual intervention by the hospitals. AltaPACS has also designed systems to protect the transmission of DICOM image files over low-bandwidth, high-latency networks allowing remote hospitals to have access to highly qualified sub-specialty radiologists 24/7.

The result for the clients of Mayfair is a robust and reliable teleradiology system that makes it feel like the remote radiologist is in the room next door.